Call for Member Advisory Council Nominations

Payments Canada is now accepting nominations for 2017 appointments to the Member Advisory Council (MAC).

The Member Advisory Council is a statutory body created under the Canadian Payments Act. It is broadly representative of Payments Canada’s membership. Its purpose is to provide counsel and advice to management and the Board on Payments Canada’s operation of clearing and settlement systems, and the interaction of those systems with other related systems.  Over the next 3 – 4 years, the program to modernize the core national payment systems, which is currently underway, will preoccupy the MAC agenda.

The Modernization program has been shaped by connecting, consulting and collaborating with Payment Canada’s member financial institutions through working groups, committee meetings, consultation and general discussion. Moving forward with this important program and other exciting initiatives requires ongoing communication with our membership, ensuring that all voices are heard.

The MAC is key to this consultation and engagement process. Representatives on the Council will meet regularly to discuss, debate and provide advice to Payments Canada’s management team and its Board on key elements of the Modernization program.  The Council meets a minimum of three times per year, however, ad-hoc meetings to discuss particular items will be scheduled from time-to-time. The Council has also created working groups, for example the Modernization working group and the Modernization risk working group, which Council members have the option of joining if they are interested in investing more time and being more involved.

In addition, Council members provide insight by articulating the member interests that they are appointed to represent, while also taking into account the objectives of Payments Canada in support of the overall payments system.

We are seeking representatives to contribute their knowledge, expertise and perspectives in support of our collective change agenda.

Submit your nominations

We encourage your institution to submit an application for this exciting opportunity. Terms are set at three years, effective July 2017. At a minimum, the nominee must hold a position of vice president, or equivalent, within your organization.

To submit, please send a completed nomination form and a curriculum vitae to

Nominations must be received by June 2, 2017.