Lynx APIs offer members access to new system capabilities

Published: February 23, 2021

Payments Canada is pleased to offer its members a safe and secure platform to test Lynx APIs through its API Developer Portal. Using this sandbox environment, member-users can send and receive test-data using eight different Lynx APIs to experience this new system first-hand, in advance of go-live. Lynx, Canada’s new high-value payments system, is set to launch in August, 2021. Members interested in this offering can register through the portal.

Payments Canada’s API Developer Portal also offers non-members access to API technology for multiple platforms, including corporate creditor identification number (CCIN), and financial institutions file (FIF) APIs. In addition, payments rails APIs are available on the portal and allow users a view into the future of real-time rail payments. These APIs include account validation, payments initiation, and request to pay. 

API technology enables faster and easier to access the data and functionality of some of Payments Canada’s services, connecting the ecosystem and advancing payments innovation. To learn more about Payments Canada’s APIs as a way for users to test various payments platforms and environments, read about open APIs.