The PayPod 

Welcome to The PayPod, Payments Canada’s multi-episode podcast series on everything to do with Canada’s ambitious payments Modernization mission. 

Guiding our journey are the needs of Canadians, including consumers, financial institutions, businesses, start-ups, and governments. Hear Justin Ferrabee, COO at Payments Canada and host of The PayPod, interview leading experts and respected thought leaders about the changing payments landscape, the needs of Canadians and how payments Modernization will deliver on them.

Ways to listen: 

The PayPod: Episode 1 - Lauren Fleming | Ernst & Young 

In this inaugural episode, Justin is joined by Lauren Fleming, Financial Services Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP and Jan Pilbauer, Payments Canada’s Executive Director, Modernization & CIO to discuss research that, among other insights, quantifies the cost of payments processing for businesses. Inefficiencies, from the matching of payments to invoices to the challenges of cross-border payments, cost Canadian businesses somewhere between $3 and $6.5 billion annually. The trio discusses how payments Modernization will bring a new wave of highly efficient payment options to Canadian businesses that will help lower operational costs and boost bottom line returns over time.


Justin Ferrabee, COO Payments Canada 

As Chief Operating Officer, Justin is responsible for the organization’s information technology and corporate functions, including operationalizing Payments Canada’s vision and strategic plan for payments in Canada. 


Lauren Fleming, Financial Services Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP (EY Canada)

Jan Pilbauer,  Payments Canada’s Executive Director, Modernization & CIO