Payments Canada joins the Financial Data Exchange Canada

Published: November 4 , 2020

Payments Canada has joined the Financial Data Exchange Canada (FDX Canada), a non-profit organization focused on bringing financial ecosystem members together to drive progress on unlocking the benefits of a common, interoperable standard for consumer-directed finance. 

As an organization at the heart of Canada’s payments ecosystem, Payments Canada is leading a multi-systems industry-wide program to modernize the infrastructure, rules and standards that underpin payments in Canada. Part of this work includes examining trends and participating in conversations that are shaping the payments landscape around the world. 

FDX Canada officially launched in July, 2020. As an FDX member, Payments Canada joins other financial industry organizations, including CIBC, Intuit Canada, Mastercard MX, TD Bank Group and others, to work towards the development of a secure and convenient standard for financial data sharing.