Payments Canada publishes Modernization Delivery Roadmap 2019

Published: December 18, 2019

Today, Payments Canada published the Modernization Delivery Roadmap 2019 Update, a follow-up to our first Modernization Delivery Roadmap 2018 Update. Canada is making strides on its payments Modernization program. We are progressing well toward the launch of Lynx, our new high-value payments system, establishing a new real-time payments system, and the introduction of smarter,  data-rich payments for Canada. We have also continued our activities to enhance our retail batch payments system. 

The Modernization program is refined and updated as milestones are reached. As Payments Canada moves through the journey, we remain committed to publishing an annual update on the Modernization Delivery Roadmap and progress.

Based on ongoing consultation with Canadian financial institution members, stakeholders and regulators, the Modernization Delivery Roadmap 2019 Update reflects the following updates from the 2018 Roadmap: 

High-value payments system - Lynx: In 2018 we selected our application provider, SIA, and in 2019 we selected our lead technology partner, IBM. These two partners are working alongside Payments Canada to deliver the highest security, resiliency and operating standards for Lynx. We also revised our implementation plan for Lynx to introduce ISO 20022 for high-value payments in Canada in 2021, in alignment with SWIFT’s global initiative.

Real-Time Rail: In 2019, working closely with key partners, we have made revisions to the delivery plan for Canada's new real-time payments system. This includes revising the expected multiple release roll-out plan, put forward in our 2018 Roadmap, to a single release with robust functionality that will follow the launch of Lynx. 

Retail batch payments: In 2019, we focused on additional improvements to the current retail batch payments system to reduce system risk, address regulatory requirements and comply with global best practices.  These improvements to the current system build on the series of enhancements introduced in 2018.

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