Payments Canada seeks feedback on proposals to broaden access to Canada's retail batch payments system

Published: December 17, 2018

The Vision for the Canadian Payments Ecosystem identified eight needs of a modern payments system, including the need for open and risk-based access to foster competition and innovation in the ecosystem. 

Payments Canada is seeking feedback on the identified opportunities to broaden access to Canada’s retail batch payments system, the Automated Clearing and Settlement System (ACSS).

Payments Canada seeks to support additional payment providers and the development of new payment options for Canadian businesses and consumers by permitting broader access to ACSS. It is essential that the introduction of new participants does not compromise the safety and soundness of Canada’s payment systems.

Payments Canada welcomes feedback on proposals outlined in the following Modernizing ACSS Access consultation paper. The deadline for consultation is January 18, 2019. Help inform Payments Canada’s payments Modernization efforts.  Share comments and feedback by emailing