Payments Canada seeks nominations for 2020 Stakeholder Advisory Council membership

Payments Canada is now accepting nominations for 2020 membership appointments to the Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC). The deadline for nominations is January 17, 2020. The 2020 nominations will be effective April 1, 2020 and terms run for three years.

SAC membership is one of the most important channels through which we seek input from the users of Canada’s payments systems.The council provides advice to our Board of Directors on payment, clearing and settlement matters, and contributes input on proposed initiatives, helping us make informed decisions on key elements of the payments Modernization program, as well as ongoing operations, policies and initiatives.

Members of SAC represent the views of Payments Canada’s broad stakeholder base, including consumers, retailers, large corporations, small & medium enterprises, vendors, payment service providers, government & educational institutions, fintechs and new entrants. 

As new technologies and participants enter the payments market and evolving end user expectations drive unprecedented change in payments, participation in SAC is an opportunity to influence Canada’s Modernization journey and contribute directly to shaping the future of payments in Canada. 

For 2020 nomination process details and how to apply, visit our nominations page