Large Value Transfer System

The Large Value Transfer System (LVTS) is an electronic wire system that facilitates the irrevocable transfer of payments in Canadian dollars across the country, between Canadian financial institutions. Members connect to this system securely via the CSN (Canadian Payments Association Services Network), which is owned and managed by Payments Canada. While actual settlement with the Bank of Canada occurs at the end of each day, funds are credited to the recipient’s account in near real-time. This makes LVTS payments immediately final and irrevocable. 

LVTS is the first model of its kind in the world, a hybrid that combines the benefits of the two main models for current payment systems. It achieves the real-time payment finality of a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system, with the added benefit of lower collateral costs associated with a netting system.

Direct LVTS participants must establish and maintain an LVTS settlement account at the Bank of Canada. Certain financial institutions participate directly in LVTS, while others arrange LVTS payments for their customers through direct LVTS participants.

The legal foundation for LVTS is provided in our LVTS Bylaw and in the Payment Clearing and Settlement Act. Payments Canada administers the daily operations of LVTS as well as the LVTS Rules. LVTS operating costs are funded by our system participants.

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