Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS) Rules and Standards

The Rules and Standards are updated regularly on a best efforts basis and should be the version in force. You can contact the Payments Canada for confirmation by e-mail at or by phone at 613-238-4173.


  • PDF icon Introduction — Preamble, Procedure for Access to CPA Rules, Rules and Rules Amendments, Procedures for Discussion Draft Rules, Rights and Obligations, Definitions (terms used in more than one rule)

Section A - Preparation of Clearings

Section B - Clearing at Regional Exchange Points

Additional information:

Section D - Clearing Arrangements for Direct Clearers Acting in Agent Capacities

Section E - Electronic Items

Section F - Automated Funds Transfer System

Section G - Industry Agreements with Third Parties in Respect of Joint or Common Services

Section H - Payment Services

Section J - Miscellaneous Procedures

Section K - International Payment Procedures

Section L - Default and Insolvency Procedures

ACSS Standards