Participant Financial Institutions

There are approximately 110 financial institutions, representing thousands of branches, that participate in one or more of our systems. In order to be a system participant you must be a member of Payments Canada. Our participants are comprised of Mandatory Members (a duty required by the Canadian Payments Act) and Non-Mandatory or Eligible Members.

Mandatory Members

Non-Mandatory / Eligible Members

  • Bank of Canada
  • All chartered banks operating in Canada
  • Trust and loan companies
  • Credit union centrals
  • Federations of caisses populaires and other deposit-taking institutions
  • Life insurance companies
  • Securities dealers & money market mutual funds that meet certain requirements

We engage with our participants informally through regular consultation, and formally through operational committees and our Member Advisory Council (MAC). The council is composed of a maximum of 20 members appointed by the Payments Canada Board of Directors. It is broadly representative of the diversity of our system participants and provides our Board of Directors and staff with advice related to the operation, management and design of our systems, our rules, and the development and integration of new technologies.

About the Member Advisory Council

Directory of Participant Financial Institutions