Headshot of Andrew

Andrew McFarlane

Chief External Relations Officer

As Payments Canada’s Chief External Relations Officer (CERO), Andrew is responsible for leading the policy, regulatory affairs, government relations, industry relations, and marketing & communications teams. Andrew also advises Payments Canada’s member and stakeholder advisory councils. As CERO, Andrew's work centres around building and maintaining key relationships in the payments ecosystem, including regulatory bodies, financial institutions and key stakeholders.

Prior to joining Payments Canada, Andrew led the Accenture team working alongside Payments Canada on the Modernization program. Since early 2017, Andrew has been working with Payments Canada’s member financial institutions and other stakeholders in Canada to gain their support for modernizing payments. Prior, Andrew consulted extensively in the financial services industry with Accenture in Ireland, in addition to leading the firm’s global open banking activities and shaping Accenture’s response to the Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) in Europe.