Self Accreditation Program

Payments Canada, its members and the Canadian Cheque Manufacturers Industry Group created the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation Program (CPSA Program). It improves the efficiency of the cheque testing process.

Cheques drawn on accounts held at Canadian financial institutions must meet the specifications of Standard 006.

Payments Canada recommends that organizations submit pre-production samples of their cheques to a financial institution for routine testing before use. 

Cheques printed by a self accredited printer are not subject to Standard 006 testing requirements.

Eligibility for the CPSA program

To be eligible, a company must:

  1. print business or retail cheques for sale in Canada;
  2. attest that they produce Standard 006 compliant cheques
  3. attest that they meet the requirements of the self accreditation program.

The CPSA program specifies industry best practices about:

  •  required testing equipment
  • equipment calibration and maintenance
  • training of employees responsible for cheque testing
  • cheque testing procedures.

Payments Canada issues a printer identification number to self accredited printers. They can print it on the back of any cheques they produce

CPSA Program administration

Payments Canada, supported by the Cheque Printer Self Accreditation Group (CPSAG), administers the program.

Members of the CPSAG include two representatives of financial institutions, two representatives of the Canadian Cheque Manufacturers Industry Group, and a Payments Canada representative.

Join the CPSA Program

Interested printers must complete an application form in which they attest:

  • their compliance with Standard 006 within acceptable tolerances and deviations
  • that they meet the additional requirements of the CPSA program.

There is an enrollment fee of $1000, and an annual fee of $300.
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