Corporate Plan

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2021 to 2025 Corporate Plan

In support of our vision, advancement of modernized payments will lead to fast, flexible and secure payment systems that promote innovation and strengthen Canada’s competitive position. As we progress, we remain focused on three long-term strategic objectives, discover them in our 2021 to 2025 Corporate Plan, Deliver and Accelerate.

2020-2024 Corporate Plan

Dive into our 2020-2024 Corporate Plan to learn about the substantial human and financial resource investments that have been made to accelerate our evolution from a humble association to a dynamic organization that is considered the centre of excellence for payments in Canada.

2019-2023 Corporate Plan 

The 2019 to 2023 Corporate Plan communicates our strategy and progress-to-date of our industry-wide payments modernization initiative in support of our core purpose to provide safe, efficient and effective clearing and settlement of payments.

PDF icon 2018-2022 Corporate Plan

This new five year Corporate Plan articulates our strategy and progress to-date leading the industry-wide initiative to modernize Canadian payments to help make the Canadian economy stronger.

PDF icon 2017-2021 Corporate Plan

The 2017-2021 Corporate Plan articulates our strategy to modernize our payment systems, in support of our mandate to meet the needs of the payments ecosystem and ensure its safety, soundness and efficiency.

PDF icon 2016-2020 Corporate Plan

The 2016 - 2020 Corporate Plan is the first five-year Corporate Plan produced by Payments Canada. Developed in response to a new legislative requirement following amendments to the Canadian Payments Act in 2015, the Corporate Plan covers issues important to the organization and the industry such as operating environment, risk management, strategy and financial planning.