Corporate reports

Our corporate reports and publications explore our goals, strategies and achievements in owning and operating Canada’s payment clearing and settlement infrastructure.

Previous editions: 2020 Annual Report2019 Annual Report2018 Annual Report2017 Annual Report2016 Annual Report.



Corporate Plans

Payments Canada is responsible for the systems, processes and rules essential to payments clearing and settlement in Canada. We outline our long-term strategic priorities in our corporate plan.

Cyber Resilience Strategy

The Cyber Resilience Strategy explains Payments Canada’s approach to cyber security: manage risk and foster preparedness and resilience within our organization and across the financial ecosystem.

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Modernization Delivery Roadmap

Modern payment systems provide opportunities to simplify and enhance Canadians’ daily payment interactions and strengthen our competitive position as a global leader in financial services. The Modernization Delivery Roadmap provides progress updates, including timelines and how Canadians benefit.

Visit Modernization for additional resources including the Modernization Target State, Modernization Target State Companion Reader, Vision whitepaper and the Vision whitepaper companion reader.