Message validation service

The Message validation service (MVS) supports the introduction and use of data-rich ISO 20022 messages across the High-value payment system - Lynx and the Real-Time Rail payment system (RTR).

The MVS will reduce message-related risk for both Lynx and RTR ISO 20022 implementation, allow for testing future updates and contribute to a better onboarding experience for system participants. The MVS will continue to operate after Lynx and RTR ISO 20022 implementations are complete.

The MVS is a Payments Canada online service powered by XMLdation and is hosted on Payments Canada’s Google Cloud Platform.

Features & functionality

Lynx and RTR participants and approved service providers have the ability to view and download sample files so that they can create correctly formatted ISO 20022 messages. They also have access to key MVS features and functionality including (but not limited to):

  • Validation: users will be able to upload ISO 20022 test messages and validate uploaded files against overarching schema requirements as well as Payments Canada specific requirements
  • Reporting: MVS generates a validation report for each message that is validated, providing feedback about the message file content (i.e. errors) with an ability for the user to edit the message on the fly and revalidate.

The MVS is a key testing tool in Payments Canada’s ISO 20022 program. Lynx and RTR participants are required to use the MVS to independently upload and validate test messages against Payments Canada’s ISO 20022 message specifications. Payments Canada monitors and oversees testing activity, and requires proof of the participant’s capability to comply with the specifications before allowing a participant to engage in inter-participant testing.

Payments Canada also offers automated validation of corporate-to-bank payment files through the Payment file validation service (PFVS). This is an optional service that is available to financial institutions on a paid subscription basis.


MVS user set-up procedures for system participants are outlined in both the Lynx MX Test Working Group and RTR Test Working Group documentation. Please contact for any other inquiries or support.