Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit: bringing Canadians safe and secure payments during a time of crisis

Financial institutions have quickly and effectively responded to the Government of Canada’s request to provide a convenient and secure way for Canadians to receive funds from the Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) Plan, to assist Canadians as they navigate through this challenging time. 

Financial institutions are providing the option for Canadians to enroll online in CRA Direct Deposit. Payments Canada has supported this initiative, playing a facilitation role for regulators and our member financial institutions

The ability to enroll electronically to receive government payments directly into a bank account simplifies a complex process, and supports the faster and more secure delivery of government payments for Canadians. 

Payments Canada acknowledges the significant effort by the ecosystem to deliver this online registration capability in record time - less than two weeks - to support the fast, safe, secure deposit of emergency benefits for Canadians.

Enrolment for CRA Direct Deposit is available as of April 3, 2020.

For further information please, visit or the website of your financial institution.

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