Case Studies

Payments Canada periodically publishes case studies on how payments modernization and ISO 20022 in particular, could benefit Canadian businesses, governments and other organizations. These case studies are intended to raise awareness for the possible future state of payments. They are also intended to provide organizations with some foundational and technical resources to formulate their own unique business case for the modernization of their internal processes.

For more information we invite you to read our companion foreword for our modernized payments case study series and explore our full case studies below. 

July 12, 2019
For the fifth installment of our case study series we look at how a retailer that interacts with insurers and customers across Canada, and offers products and services online, is positioning itself to take advantage of payments Modernization. The... Read more about Specialty retailer examines how data-rich payments can deliver benefits, including enhanced operational strategy
June 24, 2019
For the fourth installment in our case study series, we decided to examine our own processes and how adoption of ISO 20022 - the global payments messaging standard - will help our organization save time and costs and optimize our vendor and customer... Read more about Payments Canada examines its operations and the ROI of ISO 20022 adoption
February 28, 2019
Insights into the benefits of payments modernization. In this latest study, a global insurance company in Canada details how investing in its payments technology is helping to streamline its payments processes, and how these changes will enhance its... Read more about Global insurance company rethought their payments to enhance client experience
January 31, 2019
Insights into the benefits of payments modernization. Findings from a new case study detail how a professional service provider is fast-tracking its payments capabilities through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation across its... Read more about Global professional services provider accelerates payments capability for ISO 20022
December 5, 2018
Published: December 5, 2018 Insights into the benefits of payments modernization. Findings from a new case study detail a global payments provider’s advances in its payments modernization journey. The findings speak to the company’s projected return... Read more about Global payments provider shares ISO 20022 advances