Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): Wholesale CBDC Global Developments

CBDC continues to be a priority for central banks worldwide. In Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): Wholesale CBDC Global Developments, Payments Canada explores three developing wholesale CBDC approaches in different jurisdictions: Australia, Switzerland, and a co-issued CBDC in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This paper is the fourth installment in Payments Canada’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) educational series and is an accompaniment to the Retail CBDC Global Developments paper

The first two papers in the series focused on the Canadian context, while the third and fourth offer global perspectives and developments in CBDC. The series aims to provide an understanding of a potential CBDC issuance in Canada, along with an exploration of the potential economic and social implications. It also aims to provide a base of understanding for furthering the discussion around CBDC and its impact on the payments industry.

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Payments Canada’s CBDC Series

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