Financial Institutions File

The Financial Institutions File (FIF) is an electronic directory containing routing numbers to facilitate payments to the appropriate deposit-taking institution in Canada.

The FIF is updated weekly. Updates include changes to addresses, banking arrangements, addition and removal of institutions and branches.

The FIF is available in ASCII, EBCDIC and text, via (S)FTP. The FIF can be imported into a variety of business applications.

For occasional reference, please refer to the Financial Institutions Branch Directory.


The FIF is available through subscription for an annual fee of $609 CAD and a service charge of $27 CAD per delivery.

Participant financial institutions can subscribe to the FIF directly through Payments Canada by sending an e-mail request to Non-participants need to be sponsored by a participant. Non-participants should contact their financial institution to subscribe.

Organizations outside of Canada can subscribe through their financial institution’s Canadian correspondent banking partner.