Payments Canada welcomes new and returning Stakeholder Advisory Council members

Payments Canada welcomes four new and three returning members to its Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC). 

SAC provides advice and counsel to Payments Canada’s leadership, employees and Board of Directors on key elements of the future of payments. The appointments took effect on April 1, 2024, and were reviewed and approved by the Payments Canada Board of Directors in consultation with the Minister of Finance.

New members:

Returning members:

Payments Canada’s stakeholders are organizations who rely on its payment systems but don’t participate in them directly. Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Council represent a wide array of experience, expertise and industries, including retail, consumer groups, government, fintech, technology, telecommunications, software and banking. They are also diverse in age, gender, skills and culture.

Payments Canada would like to thank its outgoing council members for their many contributions. We would also like to thank all of this year’s applicants for their interest.

Our 2025 call for nominations for SAC will open Fall 2024. Should you have any questions about the selection process or how to get involved, please contact More information about our advisory councils can also be found on our Members and Stakeholders pages.

Meet the new members

Anastasia Anastasakos, Director, Corporate Treasury Operations, Canada Post

Canada Post is a crown corporation that functions as the primary postal operator in Canada as well as a retailer. Anastasia is responsible for corporate banking and merchant relationships. She works closely with the financial services and payment channel innovation teams in order to understand the challenges and benefits of our current payment networks.

Cassie Wong, Head of Payments & Partnerships, Paypal Canada

By leveraging technology to make sending money and shopping more convenient, affordable, and secure, the PayPal platform empowers hundreds of millions of consumers and merchants in approximately 200 markets to join and thrive in the global economy. Here in Canada, PayPal has over 10 million active account holders comprising of businesses and consumers. Cassie has a strong history of working in the financial services and digital payment industry. She leads Paypal’s strategic relationships across the financial ecosystem, including partnerships with networks, banks, acquirers and industry groups.

Phil Hogg, President, Worldpay Canada Corporation

Worldpay is the largest credit and debit card processor in the world. Phil oversees the sale and onboarding of digital eCommerce payment solutions, enabling companies to expand their global geographic reach, enhance their revenues and competitive positioning and ensure they are responsive to the payment demands of their end-user customers. Phil is also a member of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) and will represent that perspective on SAC as well.

Khadir Ahmed, Vice President, Canada Payment Operations, ADP Canada

ADP has global expertise in payroll, HR and compliance and will provide valuable insights on topics such as clearing of payments, global industry standards and promoting safety and soundness of Canada's national payment infrastructure. Khadir oversees hundreds of billions in annual client payroll finds and related disbursements to employees, third parties and tax authorities.

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