Open APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the fastest growing, business-influencing technology in the IT industry today, fostering innovation by enabling new digital products and business models for services and creating new business channel opportunities. 

The launch of Payments Canada’s API developer portal supports our efforts to modernize our products and services in tandem with industry developments and evolving market needs. Through API technology we are making it faster and easier to access the data and functionality of some of our services further enabling and connecting the payments ecosystem.

Building on the successful pilot and beta projects, today’s portal provides access to Payments Canada sandbox APIs, allowing developers the ability to explore API functionality using test data. Currently, Financial Institutions File and Corporate Creditor Identification Number APIs are available on the portal with Lynx and RTR sandbox trial APIs scheduled for release later on this year.  

Join us in exploring the world of APIs. To register as a developer or to learn more, please visit the API developer portal or contact us