Speech: Opening remarks from The 2024 Payments Canada SUMMIT

Kristina Logue addresses 1800 delegates from across the payment ecosystem

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Kristina Logue

President & Co-CEO (Interim) and Chief Financial Officer

As the President & Co-CEO (Interim) and Chief Financial Officer, Kristina provides financial oversight and leads the financial, procurement and business planning functions for Payments Canada. She has more than 15 years of experience in accounting, financial planning and analytics, as well as influencing key decisions and providing strategic support.

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TORONTO, May 31, 2024 – Hello and welcome! It’s so good to see you at The 2024 SUMMIT.

As interim co-CEO and CFO and on behalf of our organization and our board of directors, I am honoured to welcome you to Canada’s premier payment event!

Thank you all for being here and what a great turnout we have today — 1800 and counting! We are honoured to organize and host this annual conference, which has grown into Canada’s most important and well-attended payment and technology event. The 2024 SUMMIT promises to be an inspiring two and a half days, filled with insightful content as we reconnect with familiar faces and build some new relationships.

With a lineup of speakers and sponsors reflecting the vast diversity and growth within the Canadian payment ecosystem, there is a topic, a discussion and a speaker for each and every one of you. Over the next couple of days, we will engage in discussions and debates on innovation, collaboration and resiliency as we learn and share insights about what lies ahead for our ecosystem. Together, we will navigate the future and its impact on us, our organizations and, most importantly, on Canadians.

The SUMMIT is more than a conference: this is your opportunity to walk through these doors and discover what’s new and what is possible in our rapidly changing payment landscape. As we just heard in the welcoming video, this is the place. Right here. Right now.

It’s the place and time for you to make the connections and have the conversations with industry leaders and peers. It’s the platform to listen and learn from experts about developments shaping our ecosystem. And, it's the channel to articulate your vision for the future of payments.

No matter who you are or the role you play, this is a collective, this is a community and we are all here to make a stronger future in payments for Canada.

Everything we do, every day, ends in a payment. And that’s why we’re here.

Payments Canada is responsible for the clearing and settlement of payments in Canada: the systems and the rules that ultimately underpin our economy. We have a legislative duty — and it is our top priority — to ensure the efficiency, safety and soundness of our systems.

Last year, more than 112 trillion dollars — approximately 450 billion dollars every business day — were cleared and settled through our systems, driven by payment transactions from our members.

This is a lot of money. Even for a CFO.

After a year of challenges, it is inspiring to see everyone here, excited, energized and ready to navigate the evolving payment landscape, together.

To bring us all into the right mindset, we now get to hear from Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. Laurent has many inspiring stories that really highlight the power of resilience, the need for adaptability. I’m ready to listen and I’m ready to learn so that I can bring it forward and apply it to payments in Canada.

And I hope you are, too!

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