The SUMMIT Speaker Spotlight: Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales Officer, Moneris

Welcome to our Summit speaker spotlight series! Each week, learn more about one of our amazing speakers, then make sure you attend their session at The Summit, Canada’s premiere payments conference, May 24-26 in Toronto, ON.

We’re proud to welcome Jeff to The Summit, where he’ll be talking about the current state of small and medium-sized business, and why the future of FinTech in Canada relies on a major paradigm shift.

About Jeff

Jeff Guthrie is the Chief Sales Officer for Moneris. Jeff is responsible for Canadian revenues and partner relationships. Jeff joined Moneris in December 2000 and has 19 years of experience in the electronic payments industry, and over 40 years of experience in financial services.

Jeff is currently a member of the MasterCard Canadian Advisory Board, and has served on both the Visa, Canada and Discover, North American advisory boards.

What is the best advice you ever received?

‘Words have no meaning until you give them meaning.’ Taught to me by a Buddhist monk.

What is the biggest risk that you’ve taken?

In 1999, I went on a Red Cross mission to Sierra Leone, during the civil war. This experience taught me that life in Canada is a gift, and should never be taken for granted.

If you could have any job (past, present, future), what would your business card say?

Jeff Guthrie, Gallivant

What and whom do you love best?

Vera, my wife. We have been married 37 years. Never gets tired or old.

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Listening, observing, thinking & communicating. The essential legs of any leader’s chair.

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