Real-Time Rail — Businesses


Businesses are seeking faster and more efficient payments to satisfy customer demand and streamline processes. The Real-Time Rail improves liquidity and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

 Business in real-time

Canadian businesses need access to fast, low-cost and efficient payment methods. The Real-Time Rail processes funds instantly and with more data, resulting in smarter transactions that save time and money.

Expedited business payments and processes

Time sensitive payments can be sent in seconds, ensuring payments and accounts are settled on time and goods shipped to market when they are needed

Real-time resiliency

The Real-Time Rail enables more payment options for Canadian businesses and their customers, increasing payment resiliency and reliability by enabling new ways to pay and get paid

Better control over cash flow

Availability of funds within seconds enables businesses to better control their cash flow and improve productivity by compressing ordering and payment cycles

More options with data-rich payments

Businesses have multiple options for making data-rich payments that meet their cost and timing needs, reducing reliance on cheques and paper invoicing

A predictable way to get paid 

Because payments are cleared and settled in seconds, businesses will know their funds have been deposited securely with no delays in settlement or risk of failure or cancellation

Platform for innovation

Fintechs and innovators can develop new competitive real-time payment products and services for businesses and consumers