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Payments Canada’s Real-Time Rail API sandbox allows developers to explore and create against API functionality user test data. These APIs will help businesses prepare for the launch of the Real-Time Rail.

Who can use the sandbox?

The Real-Time Rail API sandbox is open to any developer, business or individual. There is no fee to use the developer portal

How to access the sandbox

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Why use the Real-Time Rail API sandbox?

The benefits of using the APIs in a sandbox environment include:

  1. Exploration and experimentation: A safe, secure environment to test Real-Time Rail APIs

  1. System visualization: Understand the Real-Time Rail and its capabilities prior to go-live

  1. Simplified onboarding: Ease of integration with the Real-Time Rail at go-live

  1. Business opportunities: The Real-Time Rail APIs will create opportunities for users to build their own use cases for the Real-Time Rail

  1. Innovation: Real-Time Rail use cases will lead to early API and product development

  1. Single and public source of truth: An open testing environment means developers have access to the documentation and information they need to innovate and collaborate