Real-Time Rail — Government


The Real-Time Rail allows governments to send and receive data-rich funds in seconds, making processes and services for Canadians and Canadian businesses smarter, faster and more efficient

 Serving the public in real-time

Facilitating real-time payments allows governments of all levels to serve citizens faster financially while creating a foundation for Canadians businesses to operate more efficiently domestically and internationally.

A growing list of countries enjoy the benefits of real-time payments

As more and more countries adopt real-time payment systems, the Real-Time Rail, equipped with ISO 20022 data-rich capabilities, brings Canada in line with all other G7 countries

Support for small businesses

By using the Real-Time Rail, governments support small businesses by being more efficient and making processes more predictable, freeing up time for businesses to focus on what matters

Manage government supply chains in real-time

With real-time payments and settlement, funds can be instantly transferred to vendors, starting the production process sooner and speeding up the delivery of goods

Emergency government payments

With the Real-Time Rail, a government agency can instantly distribute funds to victims of natural disasters and offer immediate financial support 

Increase financial inclusion 

Canadians coast to coast to coast can send and securely settle payments in seconds, giving more Canadians more control of their finances no matter where they live 

Save time and money with more data

With ISO 20022 data attached to each payment, services conducted using the Real-Time Rail streamline government financial and corporate reconciliation processes