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Welcome to The PayPod, Payments Canada’s multi-episode podcast which explores the trends and topics influencing payments in Canada and around the world.

Hear Cyrielle Chiron, Chief Strategy Officer at Payments Canada and host of The PayPod, interview leading experts and respected thought leaders about the changing payments landscape, the needs of Canadians and how payments Modernization will deliver on them.


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Episode 18: Canada's payments modernization plan

In this episode, host Cyrielle Chiron introduces a prerecorded webinar from The SUMMIT Series that took place earlier this year. The discussion explores Canada's payments modernization plan and what upcoming changes in payments will mean for individuals, businesses, and the future of payments in Canada - featuring Andrew McFarlane of Payments Canada, Andrew Obee from Ficanex, Derek Vernon from BMO, and Sue Whitney from Central 1.



  • Andrew McFarlane, Executive Director, Modernization, Payments Canada
  • Andrew Obee, President & CEO, Ficanex
  • Derek Vernon, VP and Head, Enterprise Payments Modernization, BMO
  • Sue Whitney, VP, Payments Strategy and Relationships, Central 1

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Episode 17: Trends shaping payments in 2021

Evolving technology and payments innovation continues to transform the way Canadian consumers and businesses make payments. In this episode, host Cyrielle Chiron, is joined by Kate Frankish, Director of Strategy at Pay.UK to discuss the trends and topics influencing the payments landscape on a global scale in 2021.




  • Kate Frankish, CEO, Director of Strategy, Pay.UK

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