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August 31, 2020
The Bitcoin Sentiment Tracker - Merchant Study, prepared for Payments Canada by CorbinPartners, examines the attitudes of merchants towards the use and acceptance of Bitcoin for retail payments. It complements a study published last year... Read more about What can Bitcoin tell us about the future of retail payments with digital currencies? Insights from merchant use and perceptions.
June 19, 2020
With the right upgrades to Canada’s payments scene, we can lift the fence around billion-dollar bills on the sidewalk. Late last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a number of platform commitments at an event in the Trois-... Read more about Open banking and payment system modernization can help lower swipe fees
May 27, 2020
In March and April of this year, we have seen record values pass through the LVTS system. As of the time of writing, our largest single day value is $420B, approximately $120B higher than our record prior to March 1, 2020. These higher... Read more about Single day LVTS records soar as COVID-19 pandemic progresses
May 13, 2020
ISO 20022 is the culmination of years of effort around the world to get everyone talking the same language in financial services regardless of their jurisdiction or local specialties. In this thought piece, we provide a look at some of the... Read more about ISO 20022 - the message is NOT the medium
March 12, 2020
A Central Bank issued Digital Currency (CBDC) is essentially like a cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin) created by a central bank to either replace or work in conjunction with the existing fiat currency of the nation. News items on this topic... Read more about Central Bank issued digital currencies: a global trend
February 18, 2020
The usage of mobile phones to make payments continues to rise in both the online and offline point-of-sale (POS). We expect this trend to accelerate with the introduction of open banking, ubiquitous digital ID and strong authentication,... Read more about Changing the channel: mobile is taking over the online and offline point-of-sale
November 26, 2019
With cross-border transactions having accounted for $23.7 trillion globally in 2018, the bulk of which consisted of corporate payments, the need for payments systems operators and payment service providers to facilitate seamless cross-... Read more about How cross-border payments are evolving
August 12, 2019
Recently, we have seen significant discussions in payments literature regarding countries moving towards becoming cashless societies. In Canada, electronic payment alternatives to the use of cash have flourished, in the form of credit and... Read more about Is Canada moving towards a cashless society?
June 20, 2019
Canada’s Department of Finance released a consultation paper earlier in 2019 to examine the merits of introducing an open banking framework in Canada. An open banking framework would give Canadians more control over their financial data,... Read more about Open banking for the common good?
June 5, 2019
These are interesting times in the world of payments. Never have Canadians had so many options to pay (and be paid) for goods and services. From cash and debit card, to cheque and credit card, to electronic funds transfer and wire… the... Read more about Introducing the Bitcoin Sentiment Tracker